Describtion of University Committees

Here you'll find a small overview of highschool committees, in which students have a say. In this, students can get elected into University committees. If you feel like partaking in universitz politics, go put yourself up for the next election in a committee!!

The exam boards are for example responsible the recognition of exam and course credits, the granting of disadvantage benefits, the deciding over requests, the application of the regulation of the according course, and the publication of module handbooks.
The board exams maths and and physics confer once or twice per semester. As a student you there have the task to make sure that in the discussions the interests of students are represented well from a student point of view too. Relevant topics are for example requests for permits for after-exams, applications, masters-papers and recognition of credit when changing majors.

As a student representative in the study commission you're tasked with making sure that the interests and viewpoints of your fellow students are well represented. The study comission has, for example, the following tasks:

  • Development of decision-templates for the faculty council
  • Initiating of evaluations
  • Creating and working on study regulations
  • Overseeing and developing of already existing programs

The institute council Maths meets in regular intervals, and we as students have a say in that too. For this you should be interested in what happens in the institute and be able to talk to lecturers. It's normal there to be discussing a lot and to make sure the students' views are taken into account too.
The institute council Physics has, in opposition to maths, not quite as high a status. Meetings often happen only once per fiscal year. There the head of institute and their depities get elected. Outside of that, reports are presented and current aspects are discussed / informed on. They, too, have two student representatives with suffrage.

The VeFa is a coordinating committee of student councils of the Uni Potsdam and, during lecture season, meets once a month. Each student council sends out one representative with one vote. Once a year a financ-VeFa takes place where the financial kez is decided on. The basic formula for this voting is one representative per 500 student council members.

The students' parlament is the highest deciding organ of students. Among others, its' tasks are:

  • Discussing of university-politics related issues and deciding on the basic guidelines of thr work of student self-organizing
  • Establishing of the deparments and election of the according speakers of the AStA as well as their control
  • Deciding on the height of student dues
  • Deciding on the budget of the studentship
  • Election of members in university committees and committees of the student union, insofar as they are not elected by primary choice
  • Changing of the statute of the studentship
  • Deciding on memberships in the studentship in student organizations as well as on partnerships with other studentships

In comparison to other committees, our student council tends not to have a representative of our own in the StuPa.

The AStA takes care of the students concerns towards the university head and the state government. It formulates your interests in front of the public and politics. The AStA also puts together services that every student can afford, since they cost nothing.
In comparison to other committees, our student council tends not to have a representative of our own in the AStA.

The faculty council is the highest deciding committee of the faculty and it inutes multiple institutes. For our Math-Nat faculty it's all natural sciences and mathematics.
The tasks include:

  • The decree of statutes of the faculty
  • The deciding on stucture- and development plans of the faculty
  • The deciding over appointment proposals
  • The deciding over habilitations
  • The statements on probations of junior professors
  • The involvement in the evaluation and coordination of teaching and research at the faculity
  • The overseeing of the dean as well as the election and deselection of the dean and their second-in-command
  • The election of the student dean
  • The deciding of the establishment and composition of the deanery
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