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Our postal adresses are

Fachschaft Mathematik-Physik
Universität Potsdam
Institut für Physik und Astronomie
Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 24-25
Haus 28 // Raum 0.085
14476 Golm
Fachschaft Mathematik-Physik
Universität Potsdam
Institut für Mathematik
Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 24-25
Haus 9 // Raum 0.09 (Fach 17)
14476 Golm

You can find the mailboxes in the physics building next to the main entrance. The mailboxes belonging to mathematics are located at the side entrance, near the elevator.

The fastest way to contact us is per E-Mail You can also write to the individual members of the FSR. You'll find out email adresses here.

Map of the Campus Golm1)


We, the FSR, operate multiple moderated E-Mail-distributors.
Here you can find a list of all the email distributors, that are run via the FSR server.

FSR-events, general information, vacancies, and extra important information are distributed via the MaPhy-Liste.


Borrowing the grill

Hey guys, here we offer you the opportunity to borrow our FSR grill for your private or your FSR-related events. As always the rule is: first come first grill!

In case you want the grill, you have to do the following:
Send us an Email with the subject “Grill ausleihen am” to our FSR-distributor where it's written down

  • when you need the grill and want to pick it up
  • when you want to bring the grill back

For the borrowing of the grill, we raise a deposit of 50€, which has to be paid when you come to pick the grill up. We'll give you a metal shovel and a wire brush so that you can give us the grill back clean.

If we get the grill back dirty you won't be getting your deposit back!

We'd also be delighted about a little donation from you for the FSR, that's the way we pay for repairs amongst other things!

subj=Grill ausleihen

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